Why does our hair dehydrate in winter?

Cold, rain, wind … winter is a magical time, but it brings factors with it that affect our skin and hair. It is important to take care of ourselves throughout the year, especially in times of sudden changes in temperature.

Low temperatures and changes from cold to heat- and vice versa- cause the cuticle to open, leading to our hair not receiving all the hydration to stay healthy and causing frizz, and/ or breaking. Don’t worry! Damage is inevitable, but we have the perfect routines and products to fix it and provide that extra pampering to our hair.

  • Avoid very hot water

We recommend washing your hair with warm water. A very hot shower can damage the scalp and cause dryness.

  • Use wooden brushes

Avoid frizz by detangling your hair with brushes made of natural materials such as wood, keeping static electricity at bay.

  • Cut back on using flat irons and dryers

Using dryers and flat irons daily to straighten your hair causes hair breakage and increases its dryness.

  • Eliminate the hat from your total look

Yes, they are very warm, but they do not help to keep your hair at its best.

Hair tends to secrete more oil in winter. If, on top of that, we wear hats, we make sweating increase and the hair becomes more oily.

  • Extra hydration

What your hair really needs on cold days is to stay hydrated. Replace the conditioner with the hair mask, once or twice a week. Apply it after washing your hair and let it act for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing it off with plenty of water. We recommend our Hair Mask – Ultra Nourished Hair , which combines floral water with nutritious vegetable oils:

  • Hemp seed oil: rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6
  • Abyssinian oil: of Mediterranean origin, it is rich in Omega-9
  • Panthenol: Moisturizing and strengthening

The Hair Mask – Ultra Nourished Hair helps protect our hair from damage, especially on cold winter days, and immediately provides a silky and elastic touch to keep your hair looking amazing at any time of year. We recommend using the mask after first applying the Ultra Soothed Scalp Shampoo.

Are you joining the take-care-of-your-hair club to make your tresses look amazing? Try our Hair Mask – Ultra Nourished Hair, share your hair look and tag us.