Super Radiance-C Concentrate

It enhances the luminosity of the skin, especially in dull skin. Acts against skin aging and blemishes, providing an instant glow effect.

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It enhances the luminosity of the skin, especially in dull skin. Acts against skin aging and blemishes, providing an instant glow effect.

Discover the secret to show off a glowy skin. Our Super Radiance-C Concentrate, with a concentration of 10% of Vitamin C, combined with Chia oil and Squalane, brings luminosity even to dull complexions. It is a powerful anti-aging facial oil, with an antioxidant effect, which improves your appearance on a global level: hydration, softness, elasticity, vitality, protection, and unification of tone. In addition, it prevents skin aging and is the perfect ally against age spots and UV rays. Dry, light, and fast absorbing oil.  

90% natural origin ingredients / Suitable for all skin types / Dermatologically tested


100% of consumers confirm that the product improves skin hydration and 95% confirm that it also improves skin luminosity and vitality.
*Subjective efficacy on 20 consumers, 2 times per day for 4 weeks of use. Laboratory use test under dermatological and ophthalmological supervision.

832 in stock

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How to use
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How: Apply three or four drops on the palm of the hand, spread over the forehead, nose and cheeks and massage until completely absorbed. Extend application to the neckline and cleavage. Avoid contact with the eyes.


Where: Face, neck, and décolleté  


When: Apply twice a day.  


Tips: Keep in a cool, dark place. Ensure you close the recipient well after every use, to maintain the freshness of the ingredients. 



Chia is considered a super food for the skin as it contains very high levels of phytonutrients. It’s an ingredient rich in antioxidants and its powerful anti-inflammatory action makes it perfect for soothing the skin, softening irritation and redness and providing hydration. Its anti-free radical action makes chia oil a perfect ally to combat the signs of aging.


A refreshing, light and soft first sensation.

It is a perfect plant-based and biodegradable alternative to volatile silicone oils or mineral oil. In addition, it has the COSMOS, ECOCERT and NATRUE certifications.


Protects, hydrates, restores elasticity, tones and restores the tone and healthy appearance of the skin.


This oil can be used as a vegetable alternative to silicone. Thanks to its excellent skin penetration, it reproduces the volatile sensation of cyclomethicone and leaves a unique soft sensation and a powdery finish. Its long-lasting, silky feel creates a satin effect in skincare applications.


Olive oil, used for centuries for its cosmetic benefits, has moisturizing properties, thanks to its high content of vitamin E. It’s also a powerful repairing agent, which gives the skin a more intense shine and softer texture thanks to its fatty acid content and natural vitamins A and vitamin K.


Rosemary oil fights aging and protects the skin. In addition, it’s known for its antioxidant properties, boosting shine and refreshing the skin.


Squalane is a valuable basic compound for facial care. Protects the skin against moisture loss, providing elasticity and flexibility, improving the structure of the natural lipid film and helping to achieve visibly smoother and softer skin.


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Remove the label, throw the container in the glass bin. The serum dropper in the plastic container and the paper box in the cardboard container.



832 in stock

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