Spot Lover

Purifying roll-on that acts on skin acne, helping to improve its appearance and evolution.  

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10 ml

Purifying roll-on that acts on skin acne, helping to improve its appearance and evolution.  

Meet the perfect ally to achieve acne-free skin, with refined pores. The Spot Lover combines encapsulated salicylic acid, with the main active ingredient of tea tree oil and a sebum-regulating extract of pink myrtle berries that act on the pimples, helping to treat and improve the appearance of the skin. Cleanses, protects, and keeps skin in shape by reducing pore size, removing accumulated sebum and residues on the skin.

Suitable for oily and acne-prone skin.

NON TOXIC, PARABEN FREE, PEG-FREE, sulfate-free, SYNTHETIC FRAGANCE FREE, synthetic fragrance free, VEGAN,

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How to use
Recycle it
HOW Apply with the roll-on and let it dry. WHERE Directly on the pimple. WHEN Apply twice a day. TIPS For best result it;s important to maintain a cleansing routine. We recommend a double cleansing using first the Nourishing Cleansing Oil and then the Nourishing Cleansing Gel.


Limits the proliferation of acne and reduces inflammation. It’s an antibacterial that prevents hyperseborrhea, limits the proliferation of acne, reduces inflammation, and promotes hydration and luminosity.


Exfoliates and stimulates cell renewal, removing dead skin cells.
Lemon extract maintains skin hydration, reinforces the protective action and favors the correct functioning of the skin’s barrier.


Helps to remove and loosen dead skin cells and dissolve pimples. It’s an additive that comes from willow tree bark, used to eliminate and prevent the appearance of pimples, skin blemishes. It’s also frequently used in treating conditions such as psoriasis. In addition, it’s considered a keratolytic substance, which causes a softening and detachment of the upper layer of skin cells, giving a complete exfoliation.


It is a very powerful natural antiseptic that reduces the possibility of infection. It regulates the pH of the face, helps to calm and cleanse the skin.

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Remove the label and recycle in the container for plastic. 

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