Healthy and moisturized hair, ready for summer!

The countdown begins! Sun, beach, pool, never ending summer nights… I’m sure you already know what’s to come, but is your hair ready for it all?

Summer means vacations, high temperatures and unforgettable moments, but it also brings a long list of external factors with it that directly affect the health and appearance of our hair. These are made worse if you usually die your hair.

Outcome: Dry, rough, dull hair with a tendency to breakage. Does this sound familiar to you? 

Healthy hair, even in the summer air!

Yes, it is possible to enjoy an incredible summer without our hair becoming a scouring pad. Say goodbye to dry hair with the Beauté Mediterranea products that cannot be missing from your vacation bag.

Our 3 essentials for a 100% hydrated hair 

Silky Restoring Shampoo: Shampoo with hyaluronic acid that takes care of your hair and scalp.

We know, there is no better plan during the summer than to enjoy a long day at the beach. 

As we experience some of our best moments of the year, our hair is crying out for extra hydration. 

Formulated with mild surfactants for cleaning and caring for the hair and scalp, our Silky Restoring Shampoo is a must that can’t be missed from our beauty routine. With different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid and cotton extract, it deeply repairs and balances dry and damaged hair. In addition, it acts as a protector of the hair cuticle, improving its appearance and providing hydration and flexibility. 

2 Intensive Repair Mask: An “off-road” mask

To apply at home, but also at the beach or pool. 

Intensive Repair Mask  is the essential product to show off a mane with volume, shine and strength in all our photos this summer. Indelible memories in which showing a glossy head of hair is a must!

Ideal for fragile and damaged hair, our intensive repair mask helps retain moisture in the hair, providing density, softness and thickness. This product, which is becoming a brand best-seller, is formulated with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, mango butter and grape seed oil is suitable for all types of hair.

You can apply the Intensive Repair Mask at night, letting it work while you rest or enjoy a day in the sun, applying it to damp hair before bathing. 

3 Nourish your mane with Super food Hair Oil

Dry touch oil formulated with hemp seed oil, rich in omega 3, 6 and 9, Abyssinian oil and a biodegradable emollient of natural origin. In other words: the oil that you will not be able to leave home without. 

Our Super food Hair Oil provides an extraordinary shine to the hair, as well as extra softness and elasticity. Perfect to hydrate to the maximum while protecting our hair from the aggressive rays of the sun. 

How should we apply it? Drop a small amount of Super food Hair Oil in the palm of your hand and spread it over dry or damp hair. Do it from medium lengths to ends, distributing it regularly, massaging and letting it act for a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes while you read a magazine, take care of your plants or call a friend.