BM Talks: Speaking to “Plastic Collectors”

At Beauté Mediterranea our purpose is to take care of you and our planet, betting on the creation of products with a high concentration of natural, vegan, cruelty-free and locally-produced ingredients. As part of our ethical and sustainable philosophy, we support initiatives and activists whose objective is to be part of the change we want to see in the world. This is true for “Plastic Collectors” (@plasticollectors), a nongovernmental non-profit organization dedicated to the collection of plastic from beaches and forests.

We spoke with Mar Morera and Guille Bruna, founders of this organization, whose intention is to continue expanding nationally- and beyond!

Tell us how your sustainable project started.

MM: I studied Fashion Design. It was always very clear to me, because my whole family has been dedicated to the textile sector and thorough that I’ve been closely linked to that world. It is a very harmful sector for the environment and I would like to continue dedicating myself to what I like the most, making my contribution and having a clear conscience that what I do does not harm the well-being of the planet.

Also, since I was little, I’ve really enjoyed spending time in the Empordà region (around Girona) and enjoying nature and the sea. I suppose that is the origin of my concern for its conservation and my fixation on “saving the world.”

GB: In my case, I’ve always wanted to work in mass consumption. It may seem strange, since it’s the business sector that most encourages consumerism around the world. However, I’ve always believed that change must start from within. I am aware that it’s an ambitious plan, but without ambition it’s impossible to achieve any objectives, much less a positive change for the environment.

Based on your experience, what first steps do you recommend taking to those who want to lead a more eco-friendly life?

MM: To begin with, we believe that it’s essential that those who want to get started with an environmentally friendly lifestyle are well informed about the cause for which they are going to fight. Laziness can cause us to consume more plastics and unnecessary waste, so it’s very important to be aware of the severity of some of the most common actions of our day to day to change them.

GB: Being informed is also important when choosing which products are most suitable. Another important step is to reduce or eliminate foods of animal origin from our diet. This will help reduce CO2 emissions and, of course, care for the welfare of the animals. Finally, we invite you to come to one of our collections. Without a doubt, a very quick way to become aware. We assure you that you will never see your garbage the same way again!

Staying informed, changes in diet, waste reduction … What change in your day to day do you particularly highlight?

MM: The most difficult part of our process has been finding foods that did not include plastics in their packaging. Being aware of all the garbage that was generated at home led to wanting to eliminate plastic 100%. It was also difficult to accept that, until the industry finds an alternative, there are certain products that we cannot buy without
avoiding plastic. Something positive? That there are more and more sustainable options on the market, as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the issue and are changing their consumption habits.

At Beauté Mediterranea we produce cosmetic products with the purpose of caring for our community and the environment. How can brands in a sector like ours be sustainable?

GB: Making the packagings reusable and giving the opportunity to re-fill the products using the same container. In other words, promoting a 0 waste philosophy to its customers, as well as using organic ingredients that are respectful with the environment and the animals.

What do you value the most in a cosmetic brand?

MM: That it’s sustainable and that the ingredients of its products respect your skin. Our change towards an eco-friendly lifestyle began with food and, little by little, we adapted this philosophy to all types of consumption.

The cosmetics sector surprised us in a positive way, since we did not know the industry and we found that it is one of the most advanced in terms of sustainability, offering consumers brands that are aware of our planet and its conservation such as Beauté Mediterranea.

What is your favorite Beauté Mediterranea product and why?

MM: I have very dry skin, especially in winter, and I have always used oils and serums. One of my favorite Beauté Mediterranea product is the Super Green Concentrate serum. Since I first tried it, I apply it every morning after showering and before going to sleep, by itself or under the moisturizer. It leaves a very pleasant sensation and my skin feels much more “glowy”. I love it!

Thank you Mar and Guille for letting us know about your project and being part of the change we want to see on our planet. It is thanks to initiatives such as “Plastic Collectors” that many manage to become aware and join in on a more sustainable and environmentally friendly consumption.

Visit their website to find out about this organization and, while
you’re there, why not sign up for one of their next plastic and garbage collection?

Do you also want to be part of the movement? Read our “Manifesto” and follow us on social networks @beautemediterraneaofficial to learn more about our brand and product commitment.