Committed to conservation
of the beauty of the Mediterranean

We are a brand inspired by the Mediterranean, vegan, sustainable and ethical designed to improve the health of your skin, your hair and that of the planet.

Beauté Mediterranea was born from a family laboratory with a long history and experience since 1979, being a pioneer in the use of sustainable and responsible practices, obtaining the EcoCert certificate in 2007.

Sustainability & Regeneration

Our commitment
goes beyond sustainability

We are truly committed to reestablishing the health of our planet and reversing the rise in global temperatures that warms and destroys our seas and forests, throwing the entire ecosystem off balance. 

In a sustainable way, we seek to stop degradation, taking decisions that minimize ecological impact, reusing resources.

We support non-profit organizations and activists that work to improve our Mediterranean Sea and our planet.

We must ask ourselves if our decisions will leave the planet in a better state than before. Together, we have the opportunity to make it possible!


We work towards the regeneration of the planet.


Choose to create a positive impact on your skin and your health rather than a negative one on the environment.

These pillars are our guide and work path for every decision we make. We know that we still have a long way to go, which is why we promise to continue striving to be the change we want to see on our planet.

We want to offer you the best clean beauty cosmetics at the best price, cosmetics that are highly effective and responsible with your health and that of the environment.


All the ingredients used in our formulas are 100% Cruelty Free and Vegan. Animals are not ingredients. The creation of our products doesn’t involve cruelty to animals, in support of our mission to take care of our ecosystem and planet. We invest in the power of plants and technology consciously.


Our R&D department develops clean formulas, with a high concentration of premium, vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic active ingredients. Thanks to the combination of high concentration premium active principles used in our clean beauty formulas we guarantee a high effectiveness in our clinically tested products, offering balance and well-being to the skin and hair.


We are aware of the power that a brand has, so we use it to try to improve our planet. All the decisions we make are in line with our commitment to do better than yesterday and improve tomorrow. We are part of a conscious and responsible consumer movement.


We have developed a range of cosmeceutical products for all skin types, ages and genders, for the benefit of the health of your skin and hair.


We choose post-consumer materials whenever possible. This practice helps reduce accumulation in landfills and deforestation. We reduce the plastic in our packaging or replace it with glass. All the plastic we use is 100% recycled and recyclable *. We use 100% recycled and recyclable paper and cardboard for our boxes, sourced from responsible, local sources.

* (except for airless and pumps, for now. We are working to find more sustainable solutions)


Our laboratory, factory, and offices are located on the outskirts of Barcelona, where we produce, develop internally in the R&D department and manufacture 100% of our products. Our suppliers are local, providing us with locally sourced ingredients that are extracted through sustainable methods.

Our Process


The process starts with the Marketing department, who checks in with you to define the products you want us to develop. Our Technical Director, together with her team, are in charge of making all your wishes come true. They begin by designing the formulas and then doing the necessary tests for the validation of the final product.


This is where the magic happens and all the formulas are created, to be packaged later.


Our Quality Manager and her team take care that absolutely everything- from the raw materials, the formulas, the manufacturing process, the packaging materials, the packaging process, through to the packaging itself- goes through a rigorous quality control.

We want to offer you the best Clean Beauty cosmetics at the best price, cosmetics that are highly effective and responsible with your health and the environment.

Our ingredients

Discover and understand the ingredients
you are applying to your skin and hair