6 Tips to sleep better

Sleeping well is synonymous with health so, in addition to taking into account the number of hours we rest each day, it’s important to pay attention to the quality of our rest.

At Beauté Mediterranea we work to offer you the best clean beauty cosmetics and take seriously our responsibility towards your health and the environment. With that goal in mind, we want to give you some tips to help you rest better and enjoy healthier skin as a result of that.

Let’s start with your rest time!

  • #eatyourgreens – Eat a healthy dinner and do it two hours before going to sleep

It’s important to create and follow a routine of healthy habits. That includes setting specific times for meals, especially dinner. According to the Spanish Sleep Society (SES), going to bed two hours after dinner helps to improve the quality of our rest and reduces the chances of developing a variety of pathologies.

You can finish your dinner with a relaxing herbal infusion with fennel, chamomile flowers or valerian root. A treat on cold days!

  • Ommm… Set aside a few minutes for meditation every day

Mens sana in corpore sano. 

Sounds familiar, right? Health is not limited to our physical condition. Just as taking care of our diet is important, so is maintaining the balance between body and mind. Achieving emotional stability is essential to fully enjoy who we are and everything that surrounds us. Meditation gives us a long list of benefits such as improving our mood, lowering blood pressure or providing greater muscle relaxation. Meditation helps us to process and reduce anxiety, as well as to improve our concentration and our empathy towards others.

If you want to give meditation a try, we recommend starting with guided meditations that will teach you the basis of relaxing and concentrating on the present moment. You can use apps like Petit BamBou or look for online classes led by experts.

  • Remove the negative energy charge of the day with a lukewarm shower

A good shower with warm water before sleeping helps to relax our muscles and prepare our body for a good rest, since it promotes de dilatation of the blood vessels helping our bodies oxygenate better. On cold days, it can also help us decongest our nostrils and avoid possible colds, feeling better. Accompany this moment of relaxation with the Shower Gel – Balance Bath, followed by the Body Milk-Balance Body, which contribute to the well-being of the skin leaving it soft and hydrated.

  • “Me time”, an essential moment in your night routine

You may not know it, but night-time is a key moment in your beauty routine.

Even if you’re tired, don’t be lazy! The skin regenerates and renews its cells while we rest, so during our sleep hours it is more receptive to the beauty products that we use to care for it. For this reason, it’s very important to be consistent and maintain a beauty routine at night to wake up the next day with a well-cared-for and happy skin.

To start, clean your skin deeply. It’s a key step to ensure that the products we use do their work properly. Once clean, apply our Super Green Concentrate serum. Based on hemp seed combined with chia oil and squalane, it gives our skin a feeling of comfort, elasticity and hydration. This serum is especially useful for skin with redness or acne. Apply four or five drops to the face, neck and neckline, massaging these areas gently.

After the serum, it is time for the moisturizer. Our Cream Super Green Moisturizer, helps to maintain / regain the balance of our skin. In addition, it also has ingredients such as hemp seed oil and a natural emulsifier derived from olives, which provide softness and improve elasticity and hydration.

  • Listen to binaural music

Surely, you’ve heard about the benefits of music to treat issues such as anxiety, lack of concentration or insomnia.

Binaural tones share similarities with the mechanisms of our brain waves, increasing our degree of consciousness. Binaural music, consisting of sounds at brain wave frequencies combined with background music, directly affects the state of our brain, making it possible to feel the positive effects of it on our body.

Binaural music is especially positive in activities such as work and study or to achieve a deep state of relaxation (meditation), being perfect before going to sleep. We recommend listening to this type of music with headphones to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

  • Stretch your body before going to bed

Practicing physical exercise helps us to fall asleep faster and rest deeply. When we talk about exercise we are referring specially to stretching or the practice of yoga. These movements induce physiological reactions that manage to relax our nervous system at the end of the day.

The way we breathe is key to relaxation. Experts recommend breathing in a relaxed and deep way, focusing on the abdomen and exhaling.

To begin with it, lay down on a rug or towel. Place your hands and knees (in line with the hips) on the surface and begin to move slowly. Move your neck, back, legs and hips.

The legs support all our weight during the day and are one of the parts of the body that suffer the most from the rhythm of the day to day. Lie on your back and hug your legs. You can also cross one leg over the other while turning your upper body to the opposite side to stretch your hips and lower back. To relieve tension, lift and rest your legs parallel to a wall. This posture also helps to improve blood circulation.

Finally, stretch for a couple of minutes in silence and with your eyes closed. Focus on a specific point and start disconnecting in 3,2,1…